Threshold Concepts: Undergraduate Teaching, Postgraduate Training and Professional Development     -     Countries List: Finland     

This page lists the references in which at least one of the authors carried out the research in Finland.


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  TARGET (2009 - 2012), Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT,
European Commission Seventh Framework Information and Communication Technologies Digital Libraries Project Award, 5,800,000 euros.
TARGET will develop a responsive learning system with serious games at its core. The project will integrate several pedagogic concepts, including Threshold Concepts, into serious game design.
Collaborating countries: Austria (Siemens and Graz University of Technology), Finland (Nokia and Helsinki School of Economics), Ireland (Cyntelix), Italy (Giunti Labs), Norway (SINTEF and NTNU), Portugal (Alfamicro and INESC-ID) and The United Kingdom (UCL)

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