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This page lists the references, cited in the Threshold Concept Web Site Main and Subject Pages, in which at least one of the authors carried out the research in Portugal.


  Cruz, S., Lencastre, J. A. and Coutinho, C. (2018) Engaging Students on Learning Tricky Topics in Mathematics Through Creative Skills,
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Paper presented at PBL2014 International Conference: from text to context, Concepción, Chile, 2014.
[CHiSE - The Cultural Heritage and its Sustainability in Europe (Erasmus Program)]           (last accessed: 7 February 2015)

  JUXTALEARN (2012), Juxtapositioned reflective performance enabling science and technology learning,
European Commission Seventh Framework Information and Communication Technologies Project Award, 2,099,403 euros [2012 - 2015].
Collaborating countries: United Kingdom (Open University [Coordinator], Catcher Media Ltd and Birmingham University), Spain (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), Portugal (Universidade Do Minho), Germany (Rhein-Ruhr Institut für Angewandte Systeminnovation e.V.) and Sweden (Linnéuniversitetet)
Award details with summary of objectives
Project Web Site

  Cachinho, H. (2012) Criando experiências de aprendizagem significativas: do potencial da Aprendizagem Baseada em Problemas,
El Hombre y la Máquina No 40, September-December 2012, pp 58-67.           (last accessed: 14 May 2013)

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  TARGET (2009 - 2012), Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT,
European Commission Seventh Framework Information and Communication Technologies Digital Libraries Project Award, 5,800,000 euros.
TARGET will develop a responsive learning system with serious games at its core. The project will integrate several pedagogic concepts, including Threshold Concepts, into serious game design.
Collaborating countries: Austria (Siemens and Graz University of Technology), Finland (Nokia and Helsinki School of Economics), Ireland (Cyntelix), Italy (Giunti Labs), Norway (SINTEF and NTNU), Portugal (Alfamicro and INESC-ID) and The United Kingdom (UCL)

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