Michael Thomas Flanagan's Java Scientific Library

List of Example Programs


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This page list the links to the several example progrms that accompany some of the class descriptions.

BiCubicInterpolation Class, BiCubicSpline Class and BiCubicSplineFast Class
Cronbach Class
CubicSpline Class and CubicSplineFast Class
FileChooser Class
FourierTransform Class
ImmunoAssay Class
ImpedSpecSimulation Class
ImpedSpecRegression Class
Integration Class
Matrix Class
Maximization Class
Minimization Class
PCA Class
PlotGraph Class
PolyCubicSpline Class and PolyCubicSplineFast Class
PolylineSimplification Class
PrismCoupler Class
ProbabilityPlot Class
RealRoot Class
Regression Class
RungeKutta Class
Scores Class
TriCubicSpline Class

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