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An attention based method for motion detection and estimation
Shijie Zhang and Fred Stentiford UCL, Adastral Park

Visual Awareness in the Home
Jeremy Michael Thorne UCL and BT Group CTO

Classifying Web content for a corporate digital library
Ian Thurlow BT

Implementing Congestion Avoidance for Network Transmission of Scalable Video Coding
Yuliang Li, Dritan Kaleshi and Alistair Munro University of Bristol

PeerLive - Multimedia Distribution using Overlay Network
Massimo Battestini and Miguel Rio UCL

Optimal Timeout of the Optically Distributed 802.11 Network
Bahman Kalantari Sabet and John Mitchell UCL

Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation in WCDMA on a Radio-over-Fibre Channel
Gholamreza Baghersalimi, Timothy O'Farrell and Vas Postoyalko University of Leeds

Evaluation of An Indoor OW Channel Employing A Mobile Multi-line Multi-Spot Diffusing Transmitter and A Seven Detectors Angle Diversity Receiver
Jamal Alattar University of Wales Swansea

Convolutional Coded DPIM for Indoor Optical Wireless Links
Nawras Aldibbiat, Sujan Rajbhandari and Fary Ghassemlooy Northumbria University

Multi-line Multi-Spot Diffusing Indoor OW Channel with A 7-Detectors Diversity Receiver
Jamal Alattar University of Wales Swansea

Robust radar detection of GMTI targets with STAP
David Carrington and Paul Kealey QinetiQ, UCL

Engagement of Time Sensitive Targets with Guided Ballistic Shells
Anthony Whelan Qinetiq

Novel algorithm for elimination of ghosts in ambiguous MTI radar
james hayes and ian finley qinetiq

Application-Level Multicast for a Skype Clone
Stephen Cogdon Pathfinder Projects Limited

Enabling Voice Services in Hybrid/Cross Network Framework
Natalia Kryvinska and Do van Thanh University of Vienna

VoIP over WLAN 802.11b simulations for infrastructure and ad-hoc networks
Chris Guy and Angel Cuevas University of Reading

Distributed Transversal Filter for Encoding and Decoding unipolar CDMA signals
Miguel Pimenta and Izzat Darwazeh UCL

Performance of Block Turbo Coded OFDM with 16-QAM Modulation in Rayleigh Fading Channel
Timothy O'Farrell and Akram Awad University of Leeds

System performance comparison of Fast-OFDM system and overlapping Multi-carrier DS-CDMA scheme
Kai Li and Izzat Darwazeh UCL

Structured Parallel Concatenated LDPC Codes
Juan Carlos Serrato Vital and Timothy O'Farrell University of Leeds

A Comparison of Temporal and Topological Soft State Updates for a Proactive MANET Routing Protocol
Yangcheng Huang, Saleem Bhatti and Soren-Aksel Sorensen University College London

Zone-based Two-level Routing Protocol for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: A Fully Reactive Approach
Weibo Chen and Kun Yang University of Essex

Topology Measurement and Control for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lamling Shum and Lionel Sacks UCL

A Collaborative and Energy Efficient Data Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Through the Use of Game Theory.
Alexandros Schillings and Kun Yang University of Essex

Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain Environment the STCA Decision Network Model
Guy Bullen, Michael Lyons, Lionel Sacks and Andy Valdar BT & UCL

Analysis and Modelling of Fraud and Revenue Assurance Threats in Future Telecommunications Network and Service Environments
Jogesh Patel France Telecom R&D UK Ltd. and University College London

Self Organising Wireless Sensor Networks as a Land Management Tool in Developing Countries: A Preliminary Survey
Chibuzor Edordu and Lionel Sacks UCL

Managing data quality in IT and communications systems - A proactive approach
Dayanand Kathapurkar University College London

An Example of the Importance of Commercial Issues to Technical Research
David Murray EE Dept UCL

A Simple Adaptive Sigma Delta Modulator for Software Defined Radio
Indu Shakya, Falah Ali and Stipidis Elias University of Sussex

Implementing the Next Generation of Telecommunication Satellite On-board Digital processors: A Feasibility Study of Module Hardware design
Mark Walker EADS Astrium and UCL

FPGA implementation of the DCD algorithm
Jie Liu, Ben Weaver and George White University of York

Spectrum Occupancy Analysis for Cognitive Radio
Zhe Wang and Sana Salous Durham University

UWB Ranging Performance Tests in Different Radio Environments
Ottavio Gremigni and Domenico Porcino Philips

Developing a privacy ontology for privacy control in context-aware systems
Ni Zhang and Chris Todd UCL

A framework for a Content Delivery Network Based on Peer-to-Peer
Xinjun Mo and Chris Todd University College London

A context aware application developed for stadium path finding
Bing Sun and Chris Todd University College London.

A Policy Management System for Ambient Networks
K Jean and A Galis University College London

Adaptive Overlay Routing of long-lived flows in Ambient Networks
Zhaohong Lai, Alex Galis and Chris Todd UCL

An Introduction to the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol
Randall Atkinson and Saleem Bhatti UCL & Extreme Networks

BER Implication for TCP/IP Network Throughput over a 10x10Gbps Wavelength-Striping Cascaded SOA-Switch
Enrique Rodriguez-Colina, Andrew W. Moore, Madeleine Glick, Adrian Wonfor, Ian H. White and Richard V. Penty University of Cambridge

Large Signal Analysis of Mach-Zehnder Modulator Intensity Response in a Linear Dispersive Fiber
Joao Oliveira, Henrique Salgado and Miguel Rodrigues INESC-Porto

Multi-wavelength Semiconductor Optical Amplifier With Automatic Power Control
Eng Tin Aw, Tao Lin, Adrian Wonfor, Madeleine Glick, Kevin Williams, Richard Penty and Ian White University of Cambridge

Impact of APD Mismatch in Optical Code Division Multiple Access Systems using Perfect Difference Codes
Fahim Aziz Umrani EE, University of Leeds

WLAN and Bluetooth Coexistence: A Comparative Study of Convolutional Coding versus Turbo Coding
Tarik Abdul Latef, Tim O'Farrell and Said Boussakta University of Leeds

Detecting Congestion within a Bluetooth Piconet: Video Streaming Response
Rouzbeh Razavi, Martin Fleury and Mohammed Ghanbari University of Essex

Comparison of Throughput with a Perceived Video Quality Metric as Performance Indicators of Streamed Video in IEEE 802.11g/a
Richard MacKenzie, Tim O'Farrell and Salim Abukharis School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, The University of Leeds

A method to determine the network performance objectives for IPv4 transport in the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network
Keith Knaggs Ericsson

Location by Scene Analysis of Wi-Fi Characteristics
Beverley Cook, Graham Buckberry, Ian Scowcroft, John Mitchell and Tony Allen University College London

Optimizing distribution of location sensor in location system
Haifeng Yuan, Qiang Ni, Wenbing Yao and Yong-Hua Song Brunel University

The Impact of Doppler Spreading on Delay Performance over Multi-hop Wireless Communications
Jia Chen and Yang Yang UCL

Link Reliability Model for Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks
Zeyun Niu, Wenbing Yao, Qiang Ni and Yonghua Song Electronic & Computer Engineering, Brunel University.

Laplacian Eigenfunctions for Spatial Network Traffic Analysis
Raul Leonardo Landa Gamiochipi and Lionel Sacks University College, London

Dynamic VPN Architecture for Group Working and Orchestrated Distributed Computing
Yiran Gao, Chris Phillips and John Bigham Queen Mary Universtiy of London

Packet interarrival modelling for efficient detection of elephant flows on the Internet
Javier Rivillo and Iain Phillips Loughborough University

Networks Modelling Using Sampled Statistics
Hamed Haddadi University College London

Predicting TCP Throughput Using Time Series Forecasting
Yinan Xue and Miguel Rio University College London

A Fair QoS Architecture
Ghadah Aldabbagh and Chris Todd University College London

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