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LCS 2005

Regulating radio spectrum - how the new regulatory framework impacts wireless, broadcasting and fixed communications
Prof. William Webb head of R&D of OFCOM

Interferometric Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (InISAR)
TG Kostis CJ Baker HD Griffiths University of the Aegean, University College London

Super-resolution and the radar point spread function
R O Lane, QinetiQ

SAR Machine-Aided Recognition Toolbox
D M Carrington QinetiQ

Feature Extraction for SAR Target Classification
M. Vespe, C.J. Baker, H.D. Griffiths, P. Lombardo, D. Pastina University College London, University of Rome

Application of Evolutionary Game Theory in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
A Dev Pragad, V Friderikos and A H Aghvami >King’s College London

Internally Self Organising Neural Network for Online Learning of Perception to Action Mappings in Sensor Networks
D.D.Ediriweera I.W.Marshall University of Kent

Anticipated, Sensed and Relevant: a framework for designing sensing-based networks
A. Gonzalez-Velazquez, F.W. Stentiford, J. Tateson, C. Roadknight, L. Sacks, University College London

On the Importance of Information Quality for Wireless Sensor Networks
Toks Adebutu and Dr. Lionel Sacks University College London

Analysis of the Scalability of a Collision-Free Optical Packet Switched LAN
Xianhui Che, David K. Hunter, Ian D. Henning University of Essex

Edge Traffic Smoothing in Optical Packet Switched Networks
Zheng Lu, David K. Hunter and Ian Henning University of Essex

Multi-Wavelength Coding for Packet-Switched Optical Interconnects
Andrew West, Simon Moore, Michael Dales, Madeleine Glick University of Cambridge, Intel Research Cambridge

Design of Storage Area Network Based on Metro WDM Networking
Bernardi Pranggono and Jaafar M.H. Elmirghani University of Wales Swansea

Capacity Efficiency and Switching Granularity in Next Generation Core Optical Transport Networks
Charles Nahhas CopperSmith Network Consulting

Matching QoS Routing Algorithms with Network Conditions
B.Peng, A.H.Kemp, I.Elahi University of Leeds

The adaptive Optimal Route Service design for Content Delivery Networks
Zhaohong Lai, Alex Galis, Richard Lewis, Chris Todd University College London

Relying on Autonomous Multipath Routing to Achieve Global Load Balancing in the Internet
Robert Löfman University College London

Cooperation in Decentralised Networks
Michael Rogers and Saleem Bhatti University College London

Decentralisation and “Web 2.0” Weaken NGN/IMS Proposals
Dryburgh, Lee University College London

Comparative Study of OFCDM and MC-DS-CDMA with MMSE MUD and Iterative Decoding
Akram J. Awad Timothy O’Farrell University of Leeds

UWB Propagation Channel Modelling
Shuang Yang and Izzat Darwazeh University College London

Stable Distributed Power Control with High SIR Target for Cellular Wireless Communication Systems
Jiayuan Chen, Xuanye Gu and Yang Yang University College London, BT

Techniques for Digital Implementation of Multi-mode Radio Receivers
A D Sayers Phillips Research, UK

Accuracy of System-Level Figures of Merit for Wireless Communications Products
Robert Trott University College London

A Component-Based Active Network System for Satellite Platforms
Stefanos Zachariadis, Saleem Bhatti, Wolfgang Fritsche, Gerhard Gessler, Peter Kirstein, Karl Mayer and Lionel Sacks, University College London

A generic architecture prototype for context-aware systems
Ni Zhang,Chris Todd University College London

A Programmable Context-aware Voice Service
Kerry Jean Alex Galis University Colelge London

A Web Services Approach to Address Efficient Information Retrieval in Network Management
A. Chourmouziadis, G. Pavlou University of Surrey

Classification Data in Multi-Sensor Multi-Track Association
C. M. Rogers, QinetiQ

Multi-Spectral Target Detection Fusion
Gavin Beard QinetiQ

Updating the Estimated Location of an RF Emitter and its associated Platform
P Trevor University College London

Low Sidelobe Difference Beams for Small Phased Arrays
Andrew Willis QinetiQ

A Data-centric and Statistical-based Random Sensing Scheduler for Rare Event Detection in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks
Lam-Ling Shum, Lionel Sacks University College London

Network Topological Analysis Utilizing Significant Profiles for Sensor Network Applications
Lun Zhang, Lam Ling Shum, Lionel Sacks University College London

Fixed Response-Threshold Model for Task Allocation in Sensor Networks
W. Haboush and D. H. Shrimpton University Of Kent

Real-Time Stimulation for Exercising Complex Systems Employing Adaptive Sensors and Sensor Arrays
David Murray Real-Time Data Co

A Mobility-Based Cost Model in a 2-hop Relay Wireless Hotspot
N. Oualha, J. Tay and B. Bappu Eurocom Institute, British Telecom

Indoor Location Using Trilateration Characteristics
B Cook, G Buckberry, I Scowcroft, J Mitchell, T Allen University College London

The coexistence of 802.11b/g and Bluetooth: An Experimental Comparison in LoS Conditions
Salim Abukharis and Tim O’Farrell, University of Leeds

Routing in Bluetooth Personal Area Network
Junchuan Yang and Dr. John Pollard University College London

ExSERT: Enabling Distributed Monitoring at Internet Exchange Points
Felipe Huici, Saleem Bhatti, John Souter University College London

Passive Monitoring Challenges on High-Speed Switched Networks
Hamed Haddadi, Lionel Sacks University College London

On the efficient detection of elephant flows in aggregated network traffic
Javier Rivillo, Jose-Alberto Hernandez and Iain W. Phillips, University of Loughborough

Model Based Analysis on Soft State Signaling Protocols
Yangcheng HUANG, Dimitrios Miras and Saleem N Bhatti, University College London

Spectrum Efficiency & Mesh Networks
Asipita M. Omuya, Lionel Sacks, University College London

A Framework for Understanding and Influencing Decision Making in Large Projects
Guy Bullen, Michael Lyons, Lionel Sacks, Andy Valdar British Telecom, University College London

Moving Grid Systems into the Mobility Environment
Sheng Jiang and Peter Kirstein University College London

The Advertisement System: A Distributed Approach to Resource Reservation and Scheduling in Grid Networking
Toby Moncaster and Dr David Hunter University of Essex

A Study of Grid Applications: Scheduling Perspective
Aleksandar Lazarevic, Lionel Sacks University College London

Effects of artificial light interference on optical wireless systems employing DH PIM
Nawras M. Aldibbiat and Z. Ghassemlooy Northumbria University

An Indoor Optical Wireless System Based on Different Spot Diffusing Geometries and A Diversity Receiver
Jamal M. Alattar and Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani University of Wales Swansea

Performance of DH-PIM Employing Equalisation for Diffused Infrared Communications
W. O. Popoola, Z. Ghassemlooy and Nawras M. Aldibbiat Northumbria University

Gigabit/s Wireless over Fibre Systems for Future Access Networks
Frederic Lucarz, Alwyn Seeds University College London

A Performance Assessment of Narrowband Modulation Schemes over the Flat Rayleigh Fading Channel in Radio-over-Fibre Communication Systems
G. Baghersalimi, T. O’Farrell, V. Postoyalko University of Leeds

Fusing Contextual Metadata and Visual Similarity in Mobile Media Location-Based Classification
A Bamidele and F W M Stentiford University College London

Intelligent Dropping Scenario for Motion JPEG2000 Transmission over Satellite Networks
Hari Kumar Sellappan, Lionel Sacks University College London

Supporting Informal Communication and Closeness Through Video Snapshots
J M Thorne British Telecom

A Visual Attention Based Method for Object Tracking
Shijie Zhang and Fred Stentiford University College London

Dual Filter Acoustic Echo Canceller with Post-Filtering
G. Chicco and J. Fornet University College London

Analysis of coupling efficiency between the rib waveguide and single mode fibre (SMF)
G. J. D. Collins and S. Haxha University of Kent

Optimisation of the Lateral Spot-Size Converter
M. Mjeku and S. Haxha University of Kent

Improvement of semiconductor optical amplifier dynamic behaviour by assist light injection
A. Sharaiha, M. Amaya, J. Le Bihan Ecole Nationale d’Ingenieiurs, France

Chromatic Dispersion Monitoring using RF Spectrum Analysis
Lamia Meflah, Benn Thomsen, John Mitchell, Polina Bayvel University College London

Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Using an Optical All Pass Filter for a 10 Gb/s Optical Communication System at 160 km
W. Loedhammacakra, W.P. Ng, and R.A Cryan Northumbria University

A Management Model for Ad hoc Networks
A. Hadjiantonis, G. Pavlou University of Surrey

Enabling Coalition-Based Community Networking
M.Lad, S.Bhatti, S.Hailes and P.Kirstein University College London

3MeSH for Full Sensing Coverage in a WSN without Location Awareness
Xiaoyun Li; David K. Hunter University of Essex

Utility-based Bandwidth Adaptation for Multi-Class Traffic QoS Provisioning in Wireless Networks
Ning Lu and John Bigham Queen Mary, University of London

Packet Length Model for Multihop Transmission
Tawan Thongpook, Anjum Pervez and Dobri Atanassov Batovski London South Bank University, Assumption University, Thailand

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