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LCS 2003

"Communication, the last obstacle to civilization?" Ian Phillips, Principal Staff Engineer, ARM Ltd, UK

Orthogonally fed aperture coupled patch antenna for miniature phased array radar
G. E. Wood

Estimating Radar Cross Section Using Bayesian Image Restoration
Richard O. Lane

Methods of Multisensor Tracking
C. M. Rogers

IP Traffic Engineering with Weighted Distributed Routing
Jonas Griem

Traffic Engineering for Inter-domain Quality of Service
K.H. Ho, N. Wang, P. Trimintzios and G. Pavlou

Dynamically Adaptive Mulitipoint to Point LSPs
Constantinos Neophytou, Chris Phillips

Next Generation Service: Where's the Money?
Tony Houghton

Fixed mobile convergence- some consideration
Azfar Aslam

Broadcast Based Broadband: A Paradigm Shift in the Delivery of Broadband
Adrian Tregunna

Analysis of Antenna Diversity Combining Schemes for LSMS in an Optical Wireless System
A. G. Al-Ghamdi and J. M.H. Elmirghani

Assessment of Angle Diversity and Spot Diffusing Techniques in Combating the Multipath Dispersion on Non-directed Diffuse Wireless Channels
A. G. Al-Ghamdi and J. M.H. Elmirghani

Node mobility management for indoor optical wireless cellular networks
P. L. Royds, Y. Harikrishnan and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Testing Mobile Communications Products
Robert Trott

Cascade Hadamard based Parallel Sigma-Delta Modulation for Software Radio
Jorge Gonzalo Alonso and Mahbub Gani

Performance of a Multimode, Multiband Receiver for OFDM and Cellular Systems
Milan Patel and Izzat Darwazeh

Call Admission Control for Multitier Networks with Integrated Voice and Data Services
O. Alani, M.Al-akaidi

Performance Analysis of a MAC Protocol for Speech transmission in Optical Wireless Communications
Bilal R. Qazi, Yamini Harikrishnan, Syed B. Ahmed, Ian Wells and Jaafar M. H. Elmirghani

Protection in IP-over-WDM Networks using GMPLS
Noélia Correia and Maria do Carmo Medeiros

Demonstration of Electrical Dispersion Compensation of Single Sideband Optical Transmission
P. M. Watts, R. I. Killey, V. Mikhailov, P. Bayvel

Bandwidth Efficient and Dispersion Tolerant Modulation Schemes for Optical Communication Systems
N. Jbour, D. Kyriazanos, N. J. Gomes

PDL and DGD Measurements of Mechanically Induced Long-period Fiber Gratings
G. Rego, M. Morais, J. L. Santos, H. M. Salgado

Performance analysis of adaptive transversal filters for high-speed lightwave asystems
J Aguilar-Torrentera and Izzat Darwazeh

Least-Squares Constant Modulus Algorithm based on Parallel Interference Cancellation
P. Sansrimahachai, D. B. Ward and A. G. Constantinides

Direct Semi-Blind Equalization for Space-Time Block Codes
Zhiguo Ding and Darren B. Ward

Quasi Orthogonal Space Time Block Codes with Feedback And Transmit Beamformers
Cenk Toker, Sangarapillai Lambotharan, Jonathon A. Chambers, Buyurman Baykal

Adaptive Block Size for Multistage LS-CMA Beamformer
D.Annalingam, F.H.Ali and E.Stipidis

An Optimized Timer-based method for Feedback Control in Multicast Communication
Maziar Nekovee, Wen Haw Chong and Sverrir Olafsson

Modelling and Analysis of WAN Traffic using Chaotic Intermittency Map
G. Aklilu, J.M. Pitts, R.J. Mondragon

Limitations of Passive & Active Measurement Methods in Packet Networks
Maheen Hasib and John A Schormans

Adaptive Modelling of IP Packet Aggregation
Abbas Makki

All optical 2R regenerators for long haul optical transmission systems
S. F. Kong, M. Pantouvaki, and A. J. Seeds

Wavelength Conversion based on Four-wave mixing in a ring laser
I. Terroso, J.P. Carvalho, O. Frazão and H.M. Salgado

Simulation of 4 x 4 Optical Packet Space Switch Array
Ni Yan

Silicon nanocrystals in erbium-doped silica for optical amplifiers
F.Lucarz, A.J Kenyon

Novel Fresnel-zoned microstructured fibre for light waveguiding and efficient coupling between SMF and photonic crystals
Makiko Hisatomi, Michael C. Parker, and Stuart D. Walker

Web Services Over Infrastructure-less Networks
Arvind M Bhusate and Hermann De Meer

Reduced-reference picture quality estimation by using local harmonic amplitude information
Irwan Prasetya Gunawan and Mohammed Ghanbari

Effects of Reduced Precision on Video Motion Estimation
Mladen Panovic and Andreas Demosthenous

Habitat:awareness of daily routines and rhythms over a distance using networked furniture
D. Patel

Exploring the significance of visual attention by eye tracking
O K Oyekoya and F W M Stentiford

Accelerated Simulation Method for Power-law Traffic and Non-FIFO Scheduling
Sharifah H.S Ariffin and John A. Schormans

Energy savings in wireless ad hoc sensor networks as a result of network synchronisation
Antonio E. Gonzalez-Velazquez, Matthew Britton, Lionel Sacks and Ian Marshall

Internet Connection Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
L Xue, M S Leeson and R J Green 111 Mobile Node Positioning in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
G.Lu, R.M.Edwards, C.Ladas

Using a Short-Term Predictive Algorithm to Improve the Communication's Speed in Fast Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Raul Aquino Santos, Robert M. Edwards and Luke Seed

Relative Performance Comparison of Time Slot Selection Criteria for DCA Scheme to FCA Scheme in a UTRA-TDD System
K Sivarajah, H S Al-Raweshidy

Evaluation of Traffic Mixing in the UTRA for Shadowed and Non-Shadowed Environments
Nawras M. Aldibbiat, Michael McVeigh, Timothy O'Farrell

Simulation-based investigation of TCP file transfers over UMTS
Ni Zhang and Chris Todd

Analysis of Intersystem Handover: UMTS FDD & WLAN
Reshan Samarasinghe, Vasilis Friderikos and A.H. Aghvami

Simple Position Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks
Toks Adebutu, Lionel Sacks, Ian Marshall

An Energy Daving Method for Wireless Sensor Network
Q. Gao, K. J. Blow, D. J. Holding and I. Marshall

Power Management In Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP)
Arun Subramaniam

An Adaptive Routing Mechanism For Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
Jane E Tateson, Ian W Marshall

Towards Agent Device Ontology as Genotype
Karen Lawson and Anthony Finkelstein

Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain Environment
Guy Bullen

Modelling the Dynamics, Complexity and Evolution of Grid Users
R. El-Abiad and L. E. Sacks.

New Services Architecture - Interface Design
Mehdi Khorasani and Lionel Sacks

Alternative Scheme to Improve UMTS Cell Coverage and Downlink Transmit Power Distribution for Fast Moving Train Users
Loh Wai Loon and Chris Todd

Throughput and delay properties of the OSSS+RED protocol for the MAC function in UTRA-FDD systems
Erickson Trejo-Reyes Dr Tim O'Farrell Dr Desmond McLernon

The Effect of QoS Parameters for Mixed Services upon Network Capacity in 3rd Generation Radio Access Networks
M R McVeigh, P E Omiyi and T O'Farrell

Effective Cross Layer Radio Access Design Assisted by the Location Manager for Systems Beyond 3G
Sharmila Rani Kavirat, Seshaiah Ponnekanti, Carl Wijting and Albena Mihovska

Clustering in Sensor Networks using Quorum Sensing
Ibiso Wokoma, Lionel Sacks, Ian Marshall

Simulation Acceleration Techniques For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Shaowen Lu and John A. Schormans

A Method for Sensing and Representing Location in Context-Aware Applications
Roel M Ocampo and Hermann De Meer

Adaptive Sampling Mechanisms in Sensor Networks
A Djafari Marbini, L. E. Sacks

Experimental Investigation of Rapid Wavelength-Switching (<80 ns) in Fast Tuneable Lasers for Applications in Optical Packet and Burst-Switched Networks
B. Puttnam, M. Dueser, P. Bayvel, T. Mullane, T. Farrell, D. McDonald

Pre-booking for Optical Burst Switching
Huifang Kong and Chris Phillips

High-throughput, Self-routing, Optical Switch for Photonic Slot Routing
M. I. Macías, J. P. Turkiewicz, J. J. Vegas Olmos, A.M.J. Koonen, I. Tafur Monroy

Optical Packet Compression in fibres based on time lens and solitonic effects
P.J. Almeida, P. Petropoulos, J.H. Lee, B. C. Thomsen, M. Ibsen, and D.J. Richardson

Evaluating the Adaptive Frequency Hopping Mechanism to Enable Bluetooth - WLAN Coexistence
Jagdip Singh Mander, Dimitri Reading-Picopoulos and Chris Todd

The Effect of Bluetooth Transmission on the Access Point Coverage of IEEE 802.11g
Salim Abukharis and Tim O'Farrell

A proposed scheme for securing IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs
I Pavlosoglou, T Stergiou, M S Leeson and R J Green

Spotting emergence in wireless routing protocols
I Pavlosoglou, M S Leeson and R J Green

Modified Tahoe TCP for Wireless Networks Using OPNET Simulator
M. N. Akhtar M. A. O. Barry H. S. Al-Raweshidy

I^3: An Architecture for Integrity Management on the Grid
Tope Olukemi and Lionel Sacks

Resource and Application Models for Advanced Grid Schedulers
Aleksandar Lazarevic, Lionel Sacks

SLA Management and Resource Modelling for Grid Computing
Adrian Li Mow Ching, Dr Lionel Sacks and Paul McKee

Discovery of resources in a QoS enabled Grid infrastructure using SORD
I Liabotis and L Sacks

Active Brokerage for Data Grids
A Sanna, C Zuninoand, B Bentley, and G Piccinelli

Path allocation for wavelength path sharing
Robert Friskney

Wavelength Striped Semi-synchronous Optical Local Area Networks
L B James, G F Roberts, M Glick, D McAuley, K A Williams, R V Penty, I H White

Design of Wavelength-Routed Optical Network Topologies to Minimise Lightpath Blocking Probabilities
R. N. Lao, R. I. Killey

Cost and flexibility advantage of a multi haul DWDM platform
Gareth L. Jones, Jeroen H. B. Nijhof, Wladek Forysiak

Analytical Upstream Modelling of Amplified 10Gbit/s, x1024 Split, 100 km SuperPONs
D P Shea, J E Mitchell, R P Davey and A Lord

Capacity Improvement in the Downlink of WCDMA with Radio over Fibre Access Network
Nazem Khashjori and H.S. Al-Raweshidy

Modelling Laser-Diode Non-linearity in a Radio-over-Fibre Link
Gholamreza Baghersalimi Vas Postoyalko Tim O'Farrell

Nonlinear distortion reduction in directly modulated semiconductor laser using feedforward linearisation
Tabassam Ismail

Integration of Hybrid Fibre Radio and IEEE 802.11 WLAN network
K. K. L. Ho and J. E. Mitchell

Optical Delivery of Millimetre-Wave Reference Signal to Remote Sites
J. Esteve, P. Shen, N. J. Gomes

Service management for multi-domain Active Networks
Alvin Tan, Walter Eaves, Chris Todd

Active Networks Authentication
Lawrence Cheng, Chris Todd, Alex Galis

A Policy Management System for Hybrid Networks
N Vardalachos, J Rubio, A Galis and J Serrat

A Policy Based Context-aware Service for Next Generation Networks
Kerry Jean, Kun Yang, Alex Galis

Generic Announcement Protocol for Event Messaging
Andrea Soppera, Trevor Burbridge, Bob Briscoe

A Block Refinement Scheme for Tracked MIMO Channel Estimates
W.H. Chin, D.B. Ward, and A.G. Constantinides

Effects of Decoding Depth on the Performance of the Modified Feedback Decoding Algorithm for Convolutional Codes
Billy V Tomatsopoulos and Andreas Demosthenous

Intermodulation Investigation of Fractional-N Frequency Synthesiser
D. Jiang, P.V. Brennan, J. Zhang

Performance Comparison of OFDM and FOFDM Communication Systems in Typical GSM Multipath Environments
D. Karampatsis, I. Darwazeh

Beamforming and Band Allocation for Hybrid FDMA/CDMA
Dina Alnsour, Marwan Al-Akaidi

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