Plenary Session 1

"3G Strategic, Business & Customer Views"

Tony Houghton,
Head of BT exact Technology Consulting eBusiness Practice Gary Boswell
Concept Development Manager, Nationwide Building Society Robin Mannings,
BT Exact Technology, Strategic University Research Programme Manager

Plenary Session 2
David Mellor
President Cable & Wireless Virtual Academy
"Knowledge Bridges the Digital Divide"
Plenary Session 3
Prof Louis Bertel
University of Rennes-1 and Delegate of the Region of Brittany of the French Ministry of Research and Technology.
"Telecommunications Research in Brittany"
Plenary Session 4 Cees de Laat
Senior Researcher, University of Amsterdam
"The Road to Optical Networking"

Plenary Session 5

Dr Lionel Sacks
"The Advanced Communications Engineering Laboratories"

Session 1- Ad Hoc Networks

Providing internet access to mobile ad hoc networks
G. Andreadis

Mobile Host Location Tracking through DNS
A. Pappas, S Hailes, R Giaffreda

Authentication in Ad hoc Networking
A O Salako

Estimation of average hop count using the grid pattern in multi-hop wireless ad-hoc network
R.Luo, D.Belis, R. M. Edwards, G. A. Manson

A Prediction-Based Clustering Algorithm to achieve Quality of Service in Mulithop AD HOC Networks
S. Sivavakeesar, G. Pavlou

Session 2 - Mobile and Wireless I

Successive Blind Detection of DS/CDMA Signals
H.M.AL-Neyadi, C.G.Guy,

Semi Analytic Fast Method to Dimension 3G downlink Air interface
H. Al-Housami, M. Casado-Fernandez

Pilot-assisted channel estimation in MC-CDMA for future mobile cellular systems
M. A. McKeown, D. G. M. Cruickshank, I. A. B. Lindsay, S. A. Farson, Y. Hu

OSSS with initial first transmission for medium access control in a WCDMA channel
E. Trejo-Reyes, T. O’Farrell, D. McLernon

Performance of PSK/QAM Multi-carrier CDMA Schemes in the Presence of HPA Non-Linearities
N. Hathi, I. Darwazeh

Session 3 - Optical Devices and Transmission

Microwave Interactions of Laser Diodes and Modulators
M. Al-Mumayiz

A Transversal-Filter for High-Speed Fibre-Optic CDMA Receivers
J Aguilar-Torrentera, I. Darwazeh

Optical Filters for Fibre Lasers and Amplifiers
G. Rego, M. Melo, J. L. Santos, H. M. Salgado

A Novel Architecture of an Optical Cross-connect Based on Tuneable Fibre Bragg Gratings and Optical Circulators
O. Frazão , J. P. Carvalho, I. Terroso, V. Barbosa, H. M. Salgado

Optimisation of 80x10Gbit/s Ultra long-haul DWDM systems
G L. Jones, J. Nijhof, W. Forysiak

Session 4 - Sensor Networks

Simple spontaneous mechanism for flexible data communication in wireless ad hoc sensor networks
A. E. Gonzalez-Velazquez, L.E. Sacks, I. W. Marshall

An Iterative Approach to Locating Simple Devices in an ad-hoc Network
D. P. Robinson, I. W. Marshall.

Energy Efficiency Design Challenge in Sensor Networks
Q.Gao, D.J.Holding, Y. Peng, K.J.Blow

New Flooding Control Schemes Applied In Route Initialisation For The Ad Hoc On Demand Routing Protocols
P. Huang, I.W.Marshall

Biologically Inspired Models for Sensor Network Design
I. Wokoma, L. Sacks, I. Marshall

Session 5 - Applications

Java-Based Wireless Identity Module
T. Weigold

Flexible Workflow Description with Fuzzy Conditions
C. Zirpins, K.Schütt, G.Piccinelli

A Secure Image Transfer Application for the NHSnet
K. Jean, W. Eaves, J. Lam, A. Galis

Knowledge-based Content Navigation in e-Learning Applications
M. E. S. Mendes, E. Martinez, L. Sacks

System Concept of a Novel Converging DVB-T and UMTS Mobile System
J. Cosmas, T. Itagaki, L. Cruickshank, L. Zheng, K. Krishnapillai, A. Lucas, L. Elgohari

Session 6 - Mobile and Wireless II

A Channel Estimation Method for MIMO-OFDM Systems
J. Siew, R. Piechocki, A. Nix, S. Armour

A study of BER Degradation due to Self-interference caused by AM-AM/PM Nonlinearities
C. H. Lee, V. Postoyalko, T. O'Farrell

Pre-Equalised OFDM for Broadband Fixed Wireless Access
C. E. Tan, I. J. Wassell

On the Behaviour of Non-linearly Distorted OFDM Signals
M. R. D. Rodrigues, I. Darwazeh

Implications of linear phase dispersion on OFDM and Fast-OFDM systems D. Karampatsis, M.R.D. Rodrigues, I. Darwazeh

Session 7 - Access and Transport

Modelling ADSL with IP and ATM Performance Study
M. Gralewitz, A. Michel, E. Stipidis, F. H. Ali

PONdering the Access Network
D P Shea, J E Mitchell, R P Davey

A Framework for Traffic Engineering In a SIP-over-MPLS based network
C.Zhang, C.G.Guy

A methodology for monitoring LSP availability in MPLS networks
A Brooks, L Sacks BTexact Technologies, University College London

Service Discovery in Next Generation IP Wireless Networks

E. Cheong
Session 8 - Mobile and Wireless III

Front-End Filters for Software Radio Receivers Employing Bandpass Sampling
M. Patel, I. Darwazeh

Emulation of Multiple EDGE Physical Layers Using a Reconfigurable Radio Platform
E. Buckley, D. Kenyon

HIPERLAN/2 and IEEE 802.11A for the wireless local loop
S.A. Charles, J.K. Pollard, T.H. Whittaker

HiperLAN/2 performance effect under different channel environments and variable resource allocation
K.Haider, H. S. Al-Raweshidy

Co-existence of 802.11g WLANs with Bluetooth
K. K. Wong, T. O’Farrell

Session 9 - Management and Control Systems

Experiences with Configurable Services in Dynamic Environment
C Ragusa, G Agoropoulos, A Liotta

Towards a reasoning for interaction between inter-domain management entities
A. Tan, W. Eaves, A. Galis, C. Todd

Using Policies on Management of Hybrid Networks
N Vardalachos, E Grampin, A Galis, J Serrat

Queuing System Models for Performance Analysis of Intelligent Networks
N. Kryvinska, H. R. van As

An Integrated application service platform for user-end IP multimedia and 3G terminals
A.Nakarmi, T.Uthayanan

Session 10 - Business Issues

Expectation Shock!! - The underlying research
T. Houghton

A Study Of Openness in 3G
M. Khorasani, L. Sacks

Modelling The Growth of 2G Mobile Services: An Agent Based Approach
D G Mansbridge, L E Sacks

Pushing Down the Cost: Can content-push reduce the cost of space segment for Satellite Fast Internet Systems?
A Tregunna

Applying Goal Based Requirements Engineering to a large COTS Procurement Programme
D. L. Bush, A. Finkelstein

Session 11 - Communications Methods and Techniques

Modelling of Ultra-wideband (UWB) Radio System
E. H.K Yeung, J. E. Mitchell

Coding and Signal Design for Multiple Channels
Y.G.Roe, J.J.O’Reilly

An Efficient Method for the Use of Overlapped Analysis Windows Employing the Goertzel Algorithm
J. Penketh

DES Developed In Handel-C
M Mylonas, D.J Holding, K.J.Blow

Persistent, Reliable, Decentralised File Storage - DFS
D. Robertson, P. McKee, C. Hoile BTExact

Session 12 - Optics for Wireless Access

Infrared Wireless Communications using Complementary Sequence
K K Wong, T O’Farrell

Performance of an Optical Pyramidal Fly-eye Diversity Receiver for Indoor Wireless Communication Systems in the Presence of Background Noise and Multipath Dispersion
A. G. Al-Ghamdi, J. M. H. Elmirghani

A Security Application of the Warwick Optical Antenna in Wireless Local and Personal Area Networks
I. Pavlosoglou, R. Ramirez-Iniguez, M. S. Leeson, R. J. Green

Line Strip Multibeam Transmitter for Optical Wireless systems
A. G. Al-Ghamdi, J. M. H. Elmirghani

System architecture for fibre-fed WDM/SCM pico-cellular broadband mobile networks
C. Grigoropoulos, A. Nkansah, N. J. Gomes University of Kent, Canterbury

Session 13 - Channel Equalisation

An Investigation of MIMO Single-Carrier Frequency-Domain MMSE Equalization
J.P. Coon, M.A. Beach

Optimisation of Adaptive Partial Response Equalisation for Data Storage Channels
M. Abuitbel, N. Abouzakhar, D. King, G. Manson

Chaotic Secure Communication in Rayleigh fading channel
A Elkouny, N. Zakria, M. I. Sobhy

Adaptive Step Size RAKE Receiver for DS/CDMA Communications Over a Rayleigh Fading Channel
K.W. Wong T.O'Farrell

A Multiplier-less CMA Adaptive Equaliser
S.M. El-Eraki, J.C. Batchelor, P. Lee, R.J. Langley

Session 14 - Resource Management

Active Platform Security through Intrusion Detection Using Naïve Bayesian Network for Anomaly Detection
A. A. Sebyala, T. Olukemi, L. Sacks

Adaptive, Distributed Resource Discovery for ALAN and Grid Computing
I. Liabotis

Super resource-managment for Grid Computing
A. Li Mow Ching, L. Sacks, P. McKee

Performance-guided Neural Network for Self-Organising Network Management
S. W. Lee, D. Palmer-Brown, J. Tepper, C. Roadknight

Design Patterns for Device Capability Discovery and Dynamic Reconfiguration in Adaptive Network Systems
K. Lawson, A. Finkelstein

Session 15 - Networking

How Bad Are Overlay Networks?
S. Cogdon, I. Wakeman

Towards a Complete Solution to Mobility Management for Next-Generation Wireless System
Q. Wang, M. A. Abu-Rgheff

An Active Network Solution to the Problem of RSVP Reservation Gaps
K. Dharmalingam, M. Collier

Issues in Designing a Neutral Genotype-Phenotype Mapping
R. Shipman

Integrating OSS Components through Contract-defined Interfaces
J S Archer

Session 16 - Optical Networking

A Novel Restoration Scheme for Optical WDM Networks
N.S.C.Correia, A.L.Barradas, M.C.R.Medeiros

Routes towards enabling Optical Packet Networks
M. Ogazi, R. I. Killey and A. Rafel

Simulation of Optical Burst Switching Protocol and Physical Layers
A. Louridas, K. Panagiotidou, N. J. Gomes

Traffic Patterns and Network Churn
K.J. Warbrick

Introducing optical transparency into core networks with R-OADMs
N. Geary, G. Bernidaki, A. Antonopoulos, J. E. Mitchell

Impact of Link Failures on an Optical Packet-Switched Manhattan Street Network
J. Md. Desa, D. Harle

Applications for fibre optics in radio astronomy
R McCool, R Spencer, B Anderson, D Brown, M Bentley

Session 17 - Antennas, Radar and Image Processing

Generation of synthetic millimetre wave radar images of complex urban areas
R. A. Corken, M. A. Evans

Tracking optimisation for multifunction radar
M Kanetos, K Woodbridge, C Baker

Application of Dempster-Shafer Theory to a Track Association Problem
C. M. Rogers

Uniplanar Wideband Quasi Yagi Antenna for Multiple Antenna Channel Measurements
M. Abdalla, S. Salous

Benefits of Handset Antenna Diversity for UMTS
D Ali, K Boyle

UMTS Receive Diversity and Intra-cell Mitigation with Multiple Antenna Terminal
R. Diloisy, J. F. Diouris

An Integrated framework for Robust and Fast Automatic Video Segmentation
X Cai, F.H.Ali, E.Stipidis

Session 18 - Traffic Engineering

Buffer and Bandwidth Management for the Expedited Forwarding Traffic Class in Differentiated Services Networks
S. Georgoulas, G. Pavlou, P. Flegkas, P. Trimintzios

A New Metric for OSPF Based On the Heavy Tailed Behavior of Internet Traffic
S.A Kalim, L.E. Sacks

Considering Control Theory in Resource Management Scenarios
A Djafari Marbini, L. Sacks

Multi-Sensor Fusion System Using Wavelet Based Detection Algorithm Applied to Network Monitoring
V. Alarcon-Aquino, J. A. Barria

Performance of Class Based Queues with Self Similar Traffic
J. Orellana, L. Sacks, H. de Meer

Defective QoS Architectures and Inter-Domain Co-Operation
S. Retzekas, H. de Meer

Inter-domain QoS issues for VoIP networks
A. Aslam

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